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Mortgage shopping? Things to consider…

Mortgage shopping? Things to consider...

A good mortgage is more than just a good rate. You never know if your current situation will change so, here are five other important features you should ask: 1. Are there early payout penalties? Understanding the early payout penalties associated with each mortgage you look into is important. Understanding these fees may help you make your decision because lenders do not calculate penalties in the same way. Meaning, while breaking it with one lender may cost you thousands, another lender may

Empowering First Time Home Buyers

Home Renovations

First time purchasing a home? Here are some tips that will give you the power to manage your debt as first time home buyers: Get a professional opinion I cannot stress this hard enough. Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. It doesn’t hurt to take it slow and have a professional advise you. Take your time mortgage shopping While you may want to take advantage of a low rate, a good mortgage is far more than just that. There are other

5 Financial Mistakes young earners should avoid making

5 Financial Mistakes young earners should avoid making

As a young earner, you are full of ambition and drive to earn money that will help you live the life you dream of. Here are the most common financial mistakes young earners—regardless of their job title or income amount—make: FINANCIAL MISTAKE #1: BUYING LIFE INSURANCE TO SAVE TAX While insurance is a great thing to have, there are much better tax-saving options for you. Matter of fact, as a young earner tax-saving funds are your best option. FINANCIAL MISTAKE #2: FAILING TO INVEST Failing