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Are you new to Home Buyer’s market? Do remember, Knowledge is power. Gather it smartly before you get the right home with right mortgage.  Strength of character may be learned at office, but the beauty of character is learned at home. Home is not just a brick and mortar space, it defines lifestyle and adds confidence and charm to one’s character. Owing to this, it’s extremely crucial to examine how one goes about buying a home. A well-thought out plan and well-studied action are required before

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Greetings, good tidings and Merry Christmas all of us at the Bridg Group of Companies!   At this time of the year we have a wonderful moment to connect with those dearest to us in our lives, share the things that we love most, and make our plans for the new years and the coming future. May your Christmas (or winter holiday – for those who don’t celebrate Christmas) be filled with joy, celebration and much refreshment! (and many liquid refreshments!)   At the Bridg Group of


Greetings!   Thank you one and all to those who were able to join us and make The Bridg Group Partners & Associates Holiday Luncheon such a smashing success this year! We were delighted to meet with many of you for the first time over the afternoon and to commune again with our long-time friends and business associates.   I trust that the luncheon was as productive and enjoyable for you all as it was for me, and I wish for us all that the connections and friendships


How to Be Empowered, Shrewd and Effective By Gathering the Knowledge That You Need To Get the Right Home With the Right Mortgage   Do you own anything more valuable than a house? Your home is one of the most substantial, life changing assets you can own throughout your life. This is one purchase the deserves some well-studied and well-thought out attention before any options are even considered seriously.   Start with Your Situation. The first thing to know is how you stand

The Details of the Equifax data breach

The Lowdown on the Breach Last July marks what may go down in history as the largest data breach of social security numbers and personal information within the United States and possibly Canada and the United Kingdom as well. With 143 million individuals being affected in the United States alone, Equifax – the credit reporting agency responsible for securely storing this highly sensitive personal data – has swiftly become the target of a fierce backlash of outrage and condemnation from the

Is now the time to refinance your mortgage?

The real estate market today can be fast-paced. Financing rates will change, so it’s always smart to keep an ear out for refinancing offers that will be good for you. Refinancing isn’t appropriate for everyone but it can be a very good move to make if it’s done for the right reasons and at the right time, and it turns out that now is one of those right times. After the fall of financing rates last February there’s only one place rates will be heading soon: up. That makes this month an ideal

The truth of how the recent upswing of the Canadian dollar will impact the real estate market in the Toronto area

With the recent and rapid rise in value of the Canadian dollar over the past three months there has been a lot of questions among those of us who have a current interest in real estate. Having risen 10 cents from May to its current value of 80 cents on the US dollar the upswing in the loonie has many potential home and property owners excited. Many have taken the rising Canadian dollar as a sign of a bustling economy and a good omen for the real estate market. This is only a logical conclusion

Building Equity from Multiple Investment Properties

The Intricacies of Investment Properties There is a fairly significant learning curve to be tackled for the first-time real estate investor, and that curve includes a good number of contingencies and nuanced regulations that any committed investor will do well to educate themselves on. From the beginning, there are some notable differences between the way a property purchase is done when it’s for someone’s primary residence compared to when the property is acquired as an investment.

FALL in LOVE with Home Maintenance

Mortgage Blueprint

You love your home. How could you not after all the hard work you put into become a homeowner? Now, it's time to show your home some of that love by protecting it from the rough winter ahead! Here's a list of a few outdoor maintenance tasks the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) recommends you complete to do so: Start by winterizing your property. This means doing things like: Packing away and covering outdoor furniture Draining and covering your outdoor pool

Mortgage shopping? Things to consider…

Mortgage shopping? Things to consider...

A good mortgage is more than just a good rate. You never know if your current situation will change so, here are five other important features you should ask: 1. Are there early payout penalties? Understanding the early payout penalties associated with each mortgage you look into is important. Understanding these fees may help you make your decision because lenders do not calculate penalties in the same way. Meaning, while breaking it with one lender may cost you thousands, another lender may