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The Details of the Equifax data breach

The Lowdown on the Breach Last July marks what may go down in history as the largest data breach of social security numbers and personal information within the United States and possibly Canada and the United Kingdom as well. With 143 million individuals being affected in the United States alone, Equifax – the credit reporting agency responsible for securely storing this highly sensitive personal data – has swiftly become the target of a fierce backlash of outrage and condemnation from the

Is now the time to refinance your mortgage?

The real estate market today can be fast-paced. Financing rates will change, so it’s always smart to keep an ear out for refinancing offers that will be good for you. Refinancing isn’t appropriate for everyone but it can be a very good move to make if it’s done for the right reasons and at the right time, and it turns out that now is one of those right times. After the fall of financing rates last February there’s only one place rates will be heading soon: up. That makes this month an ideal

The truth of how the recent upswing of the Canadian dollar will impact the real estate market in the Toronto area

With the recent and rapid rise in value of the Canadian dollar over the past three months there has been a lot of questions among those of us who have a current interest in real estate. Having risen 10 cents from May to its current value of 80 cents on the US dollar the upswing in the loonie has many potential home and property owners excited. Many have taken the rising Canadian dollar as a sign of a bustling economy and a good omen for the real estate market. This is only a logical conclusion

Building Equity from Multiple Investment Properties

The Intricacies of Investment Properties There is a fairly significant learning curve to be tackled for the first-time real estate investor, and that curve includes a good number of contingencies and nuanced regulations that any committed investor will do well to educate themselves on. From the beginning, there are some notable differences between the way a property purchase is done when it’s for someone’s primary residence compared to when the property is acquired as an investment.

Intricacies Of Getting A Commercial Mortgage When You Purchase A Property

Purchasing or investing in a commercial property is a much more intricate process than simply finding the asset that you want to purchase then applying for a mortgage (or a commercial purchase loan). It would certainly be easier for all parties involved if commercial purchases were just a matter of writing a cheque in exchange for obtaining the keys from the previous owner or a building contractor. Regrettably, such purchases usually require the services and expertise of licensed professionals

There Are Several Good Reasons To Consider Mortgage Refinancing

In basic terms, mortgage refinancing is the process of negotiating and securing a new mortgage for the purpose of paying off or discharging an existing mortgage. This can be arranged through your current lender or with another lender/lending institution. Recognizing that refinancing your mortgage can be a complex financial matter, there are several sound reasons, either personal or situational, that may invite you to consider mortgage refinancing. Some of the most advantageous reasons would

Consider A Commercial Or Business Line Of Credit As A Viable Financing Option

A commercial or business line of credit is a pre-approved amount of money that can be accessed on a flexible or revolving basis by the borrowing company to meet various financial obligations. This commercial business line of credit provides the company with funds that are available on an as-needed basis and are, in essence, refreshed as any borrowed amount or amounts are repaid to the lending institution. A commercial or business line of credit is an effective financing option that can help

Mortgage Payment Frequency – Which Option Is Best For You?

Mortgage Payment Options (Frequency of Payments) As you finalize the terms and conditions of your mortgage, you will be asked to make a number of important decisions. One of these decisions relates to your payment terms – how often/how frequently will you be making your payments? There are essentially six different payment options or frequencies for your consideration: Monthly Semi-monthly (twice per month) Weekly Accelerated weekly Bi-weekly (every two weeks) Accelerated

Condominium vs. Freehold Real Estate

Condominium vs. Freehold Real Estate

Condo Or Freehold - The Basic Difference Are you in the market to purchase a home? Perhaps you are currently renting your place of residence or thinking of downsizing to a smaller/more manageable home and property? Not sure whether to buy a condo or some type of freehold real estate? This last question is more complicated to answer than the others because deciding what you want to buy is often much more difficult than deciding whether to buy at all. But let’s give it our best effort – and start

Advantages Of A Second Mortgage

Advantages Of A Second Mortgage

Second Mortgages - The Basics In a nutshell, a second mortgage is simply another loan that is secured against your home or property. It is designated as a ‘second’ mortgage because, in the event of a default, any funds obtained through the sale of your home or property (after actions such as a Power of Sale, home eviction, or bankruptcy) are initially applied against the ‘first’ mortgage – and any remaining proceeds from the sale are then used to pay off, or at least pay down a portion of, the