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Cool Summer Décor Ideas to make your cozy

Come summer, and we all begin searching for ideas how to beat the heat at our homes. Taking to natural ways of living not only saves whopping electricity bills, it also adds healthy element to our lives. Here’re some simple yet effective Summer Décor Ideas to make your home look cool and cozy, charming you into staying indoors which indeed can be very rewarding and rejuvenating.


Natural Ever ‘Green’ Living

When the sun blows hot waves outside, our cravings to sit in the green surroundings can be fulfilled by tending little plants in the vases to add organic appeal to the entire home. Requiring little care, these plants increase the supply of oxygen across the rooms and keep the atmosphere cool and positive.  Make your rooms look ever ‘Green’ this summer inviting plants to be the part of our indoor life!


Furniture in new location

Winter season might have seen fireplace gain envious attention from the family members, but arrival of the summer definitely demands for something snappy, light and relaxing to counterbalance stuffy climate. Rearranging furniture items and moving them into different positions certainly lifts the mood of the room. Keeping chairs and dining tables close to the window overlooking a beautiful seascape or garden will allow you to feel the gentle caress of the breeze blowing in.


Gossamer Sheers instead of Drapery

Do you feel intense desire for light and wavy curtains? It’s for you! Put up the new gossamer sheers and remove heavy and dark drapery to let cool breeze flow in during evening and night. To savor the outside views, use valances in summer textures and colors imparting a rejuvenating look to the room and providing an obstructed view of the happenings outdoor.


Light up night with paper Lanterns

Bright bulbs, tubes and LEDs increase the temperature of the rooms a few notches up the normal temperature so the idea to light up the night with paper lanterns by stringing them across the rooms will bring cheery lights to the night ambience. They appear light, soft and subdued which go down well with what is required in scorching summer heat. Antique lamps releasing lesser heat waiting to be put into use can be a viable option for those who love dining in a romantically stirring air.


Update old furniture:

Give tired chairs or side tables a new life using high-gloss spray paint in a summery hue, either light blue or bottle green color. The glossy paint creates a fun lacquered look and makes an old piece look afresh with modern edge. Do remember to properly prime the furniture to ensure the paint adheres to the surface for long and doesn’t come off easily.



Art Attack

Change is the only constant, this goes for the seasons as well. Vibrant wallpapers, dark walls and brash stickers may serve the purpose for the winters but the onset of summer eggs on to look for cooler options. Lighten up the dark walls with somber and toned down art pieces. One needn’t worry spending too much time in shopping as extensive range of art pieces are available on e-shops at affordable prices. Attack your rooms with some art ideas and bring them new life into them.


Kids’ Paradise

For most of the kids, summers relate to enjoyable time off from school. With kids present at home through the day, roll your sleeves up to ignore their playful behavior with a smile. Try using dim fabrics and slipcovers which are easily washable in the machine and make sitting areas near the windows, so that kids could indulge in the outdoor view and feel the cool breeze moving across. Buy some indoor games so that kids don’t get bored and spend quality time in sharpening their cognitive instincts during summer vacations.


By following the aforementioned summer décor tips; your home will wear a pleasant look alike of a mini paradise. Implement these ideas while staying indoors, and make your summer holidays distinctively cool and memorable worth cherishing for life.


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