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It’s high time you shot your dreary backyard again into spotlight, by giving a majestic facelift to it with best ideas for the summer season, as another beautiful outdoor world needs our attention besides indoor decoration. Air Conditions may bring down the temperature, but there is no replacement for inhaling fresh oxygen that is available at stone’s throw. Read on to know how this summer can be really be exciting for your family and home combined as a complete whole.

Scrap to Splendor

Stepping into the backyard often welcomes us with loads of unused and discarded furniture which somehow escaped the winter fire. Hire a carpenter, take some tips and learn how scrap can be turned into attractive furniture, including tables, stools, chairs and small benches.

Create Natural Habitat

Inviting twittering birds to sing song of merry and excitement with your family can be a terrific idea worth adopting. Like we humans, birds do get thirsty and run from pillar to post to drink water. Making little bowls out of that wooden waste will serve as tiny wells for birds to dip their beaks and quench their thirst. Post this practice; you won’t realize when these birds have actually become an integral part rejoicing with your family in the backyard.

Dining with Family

In lieu of having delicious supper indoor, a finely decorated backyard would allow you to have a whale of time with family members in the twilight. Gentle breeze stirring the cheeks and birds bidding final adieus, nothing better could fascinate a nature lover. Make smart choices in regard to the kind of lights being used for the dining. Summer means mild and soft so instead of garish lights, subdues LEDs would make the magic work for a happy family.

Garden for Green Backyard

When many people keep craving for space to have had a little garden in their home, having a backyard provides you with an edge to realize your dreams, to have lovely green ground along side of you can stroll about with your partner hand in hand during starry nights. Go for growing plants, like vines, which creeps along the ground or climbs up a wall or tree so that space constraint never impede your desire to get surrounded by emerald landscape. Vines trained neatly along the wooden poles would provide much soother ambience during family huddle.

Bath tubs/ waterfall fountain

Children often refrain from visiting the backyard owing to its lackluster view. It’s time to change their outlook by springing a lovely surprise on them by placing Bath Tubs or making Waterfall Fountains to allow them to run riot for hours. Water tubs wouldn’t only lure them into jumping into them, splashing water all around, it would also help them beat the heat during the sweltering summer. Who knows; children might spend more hours beholding the beauty of the backyard than playing some video games inside the four walls of the room. Splash of the waterfall stroking your faces, would help you transport into some fantastical wonderland.

Romantic Getaway with hammock/ sleeping swing

Visiting beaches regularly becomes a costly affair, it’s better to peep into your backyard and search for some options emanating the feelings of the seaside beach. String a hammock between two trees or even two poles would serve the purpose and install a swing beside it. Under the twinkling stars, when kids are lulled to sleep in the swing, how about having had a romantic chat with your partner in the congested hammock, lacing fingers into each other. While looking into each other, don’t forget the contribution of your backyard for serving you a perfect getaway destination at home itself.
Make attractive vases and dustbins
In order to prevent your backyard from slipping into a state of negligence again, making attractive vases and dustbins would be a quick fix to immortalize backyards as summer gets over. Paneled walls can be used to hang directions for the family members to use dustbins instead of littering waste all over. Watering plants in the vases in case they appear to be wilting away in the scorching heat since contribution of every little brick counts in making a complete home.

On weekends, this message on the wall would read well;
Hello, my dear family members; don’t sit idle or dawdle here and there about the backyard, instead, pick up a pair of secateurs and take cautious snips at the dandelions on the grass, since, seeds may grow years to bloom into trees, but weeds grow overnight!

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