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Residential Mortgage Brokers

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a repeat buyer, or looking for a vacation home/second home, arranging a mortgage is most likely one of the largest single investment decisions you will make during your lifetime. Without access to the right lenders, professional advice and expertise, it can be a stressful process.

At Mortgage Intelligence, Natasha Bridgmohan and her team of experienced mortgage brokers can help you through the confusing maze of:

  • Lender options
  • Mortgage documentation, and
  • Industry-specific terminology you will need to understand as you work your way through the mortgage buying process

Our Comprehensive Mortgage Services – Access to Over 50 Lenders

With years of experience in successfully serving the mortgage industry, Mortgage Intelligence has established long-lasting relationships with over 50 lenders across Canada. From major banks, credit unions, trust and insurance companies, and other national, regional and private lenders, we shop across a wide selection of large and small lenders to get you the best deal.

Residential Purchase Mortgages

As one of the largest and most respected national mortgage brokerages in Canada, you can trust us to offer you independent, unbiased advice. We work for YOU, creating a tailored mortgage solution to meet your needs.

The Mortgage Documentation Process

Our mortgage professionals are with you every step of the way. Our informative Home Buyers’ Guide provides a simple outline of what you need and what you can expect, including an easy-to-understand mortgage documentation process.

Industry Specific Terminology

Although many Canadians have a general understanding of what a mortgage is and are familiar with some of the more basic terms, when you decide to purchase a mortgage, you need to know the finer details. Comparing rates, understanding the terminology, and understanding the payment requirements can often be an overwhelming and intricate process. Our mortgage brokers can guide you through the mortgage purchase process, answer all your questions, and provide expert advice on the best product and mortgage rate for you.

At Mortgage Intelligence, we are with you every step of the way. We take care of all the details and answer your questions to ensure a stress-free mortgage buying experience.

Talk to our team of Toronto mortgage brokers before you purchase a mortgage. Call us toll-free at 1-866-553-7467 ext 221 or 905-851-8871 ext 221. You can also complete our online mortgage application form.

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