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Make Your Mortgage Something to Smile About

Canada’s Leading Mortgage Brokerage

Mortgage Intelligence, along with affiliated company, Invis, is one of the largest and most respected national mortgage brokerages in Canada. With a diversified and well-integrated suite of mortgage services to meet your every need, we make your mortgage something to smile about!

Mortgage Brokerages

Since 1989, Mortgage Intelligence has been helping Canadians meet their home and commercial property ownership goals. Over the years, Natasha Bridgmohan and her expert team of private mortgage brokers have created a ‘home for all your mortgage needs’.

Our Service Culture – 100% Client Focused

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.”

– Peter Drucker

At Mortgage Intelligence, we are 100% client focused. Our job is to ensure you have a stress-free, positive mortgage experience. We make it a priority to put our clients at ease first; then work with their specific needs without ever rushing them to make decisions until they are well-informed and ready. From the initial goal of buying a home to the final mortgage agreement, we ensure you are comfortable, confident and happy throughout the entire decision-making process. And it doesn’t stop there; we are with you as you move into your new home and help you plan your payments to ensure your financial comfort for the long term.

Extensive Network of Mortgage Providers – We Find The Ideal Mortgage Solution For You

As a leading mortgage brokerage, Mortgage Intelligence is in partnership with over 50 lenders across Canada including all the major banks, credit unions, trust and insurance companies, and other national, regional and private lenders.

Our extensive industry network of lenders uniquely positions us to find the right solution and meet your specific mortgage goals – at the lowest, most competitive rates available.

Our Diversified Portfolio of Mortgage Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services for:

Mortgage Brokerage Services

A full range of mortgage types: purchases, refinances, equity take-out, switches/transfers, LOC/HELOCs/ private mortgages, secured Visa

Mortgage Brokers

A diverse set of clients: first-time buyers, repeat purchasers, bankruptcy/consumer proposal, salaried professionals, self-employed/commission-based, as well as clients with good, bad or no credit


All types of properties: owner-occupied, vacation homes, rental, investment, residential, commercial

Licensed and Experienced Mortgage Brokers – Expert Advice to Meet Your Every Need

Natasha and her team of mortgage brokers are experienced and professionally licensed under Mortgage Intelligence to provide you with a stress-free mortgage experience. We listen, we address your concerns, we determine your short-term and long term financial goals, and then help identify the right mortgage solution for you. From pre-qualification to closing and continuing to a comfortable payment plan thereafter, we offer the tools and advice you need to optimize your time and finances.


Financial planning is complex and it is often difficult to evaluate your ability to accept risk and your payment flexibility. We work for you, the client to help demystify mortgages. Our brokers will always put the facts in front of you so you can weigh every possible option. You can trust that you will receive honest, unbiased advice to understand the mortgage process and make decisions based on your comfort zone.


Clients’ needs come first—always. Our recommendations are based on being responsive to your evolving financial situation and market conditions. There is much more to mortgage buying beyond finding the best rate available; that’s where our mortgage brokers take you through to the last mile.


Our professional services typically come with no charge to you as the best mortgage lenders compensate our brokerage.

At Mortgage Intelligence, we strive to continuously raise the bar on customer satisfaction with a dynamic, personalized approach to ensuring a stress-free mortgage experience. We guarantee that your mortgage will be something to smile about!

Contact Natasha and her team of qualified brokers today. Call us toll-free at 1-866-553-7467 Ext 221 / 905-851-8871 Ext 221. You can also fill out our online mortgage application form.

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